Costa Rica Architects designing Custom Homes and Blueprints in Costa Rica and Panama.
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Costa Rica Architects designing Custom Homes and Blueprints in Costa Rica and Panama.

House Plans, Eco-Friendly Home Designs & Blueprints

Architects designing modern architecture have responsibilities to design and build structures that are in harmony with natural shapes, forms and textures of nature. When we pay attention to these forms from nature, we’ll find answers  hiding in the vortice eddies between feathers, stripes and gills. Why not receive ALL the benefits from nature? Especially healthy lives. My architect consultation and design fees can include ideas that harness heat and turn cool and hot air into usable energy. My conceptual consultation and design will compliment your vision and infuse comfort and energy into your home design. Once we understand what you are building, then I can calculate the hours required to finish blueprints to scale and provide you finished floor plans and blueprints. Finished floorplans include kitchen and bath details, elevations, roof and foundation schematics, electrical, plumbing. If you have a bit of extra design budget, I can include schematics for;

  • Foundations and walls that move airflow to where you need it.
  • Passive cooling can be harnessed from hot metal roofs.
  • Bio dynamic water catchment system that revitalizes water and create passive A/C.
  • Bio dynamic water delivery systems
  • Vertical Axis thermal turbines and heat exchange systems.

I work at a reasonable wage of $40 per. hour and I get good ideas on paper in the first few hours of working together. All I need to know is a bit about your family size, style of home, lifestyle and level of ‘green’ or eco-friendly. Send me your property details and I’ll set up a file for you. Like most of my clients, you’ll find my ideas inspired by nature refreshing.

  • My conceptual fees are generally $1000 / 25 hrs. of designing, for single family dwellings
  • For lodges with multiple structures I require $1500 / 40 hrs. of design and consultation time.

Contact me for an on-line questionnaire and let’s get your project off to a green and comfy start.

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